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The latest addition to the flurry of malls in Delhi-NCR is DLF Mall of India located in the heart of Noida. Spread over approximately 20 lakh square feet, it is one of the biggest malls in Delhi-NCR. It boasts of an enormously spacious parking space and an even greater number of brands such as Aldo, Nautical, Bebe, Cinnabon, Chili’s, Ed Hardy, Bobbi Brown, Ayesha, Adidas, Theobroma to name a few. It consists of 6 different floors dedicated to 5 customized shopping zones such as convenience stores, high street fashion, international brands, family stores and leisure center. Eateries here are a mix of fine dining restaurants and casual cafes such as Bento Café, Chi Kitchen, Mamagoto, Nando’s, Chaayos, Krispy Kreme and Imly. DLF Mall of India’s ice skating rink, Ski India is a big attraction among visitors. It is a never seen before indoor Sci-Fi based snowpark that offers an array of intergalactic games. Enjoy full on entertainment in Smaash and Funcity with the concoction of virtual reality, music and dining resulting in an immersive experience for the family. The mall also has a seven screen PVR theatre for an exhilarating movie watching experience! Nearest metro station: Noida Sector 18
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